We have been in the generator set rental and service sector for 10 years helping both in the industry and the event, the cinema, installers and electricity companies. At Kiloenergia we are committed to the rental of these generator sets as more and more companies and sectors trust in the advantages and possibilities offered by rental as an alternative to buying these generator sets.

In the rental it is not necessary to make a high investment in the purchase to work with the generator set, in addition you will only pay for the time you use it, saving on additional expenses such as maintenance and storage of electric generators. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the rental of these generators in Spain is deductible and has tax advantages. Finally, it should be noted that we have a wide range of professionals to guide and advise you on the use of electric generators.

As you can see, in the rental of generator sets everything are advantages and we have the tools and electrical infrastructure you need in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and Spain.

In addition, in our company we also offer a maintenance service for portable generators for our clients.

We have strong brand values ​​which make our service one of the most excellent in the field of electric generators and generator sets:

– We are flexible in our jobs. We know perfectly well that what is planned does not always match reality and we react with maximum flexibility.

– We look for solutions. In an event there are always unforeseen events to be solved and we know that this also happens in the industry.

– Doers mentality. There is no use talking and talking … once we have decided what to do we do not get tangled up, we get down to work.

– We know what it means to deliver on time. Can you imagine a concert that its suppliers have to be the day after the scheduled one? We don’t imagine it in the industry either.

We want to give maximum professionalism in each and every one of our projects, so dare to be surprised by us, and let us pamper and take care of all your electrical maintenance. You will not regret!