Our electric and light generators have diesel engines with electronic regulation and compliance with the EU Stage regulations.

Reduction of fuel consumption in our generators, engines with electronic injection and the use of long-lasting synthetic oils.

Engines that run on liquefied gas. Minimum environmental impact and minimum emissions in a pioneering and ecological group.

Gasoline electric motors with Inverter Technology.

Energy saving. Studying the real energy needs to be consumed in your rental / maintenance of your generator sets. Studies already carried out with repetitive events have produced a saving of 30% of the installed power of the total power of our electric generators.

Incorporation of separating transformers. 50% reduction in environmental impact in scenographic services. Groups differentiated by lighting and sound are not necessary in the generator sets.

Noise reduction and sealing in our generators, be they small or large, gasoline or diesel.

Kiloenergia assumes the removal and management of waste generated by maintenance and reviews as a company authorized by the Waste Agency with no. P-611531.