Kiloenergia – Generating Sets running in parallel

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Generating Sets running in parallel Many times it speaks of groups operating in parallel, but when is this type of installation used and what are its advantages. Connecting generators in parallel implies a technical challenge for which we need to use a very specific technology, since the groups have to work synchronously, that is, each of the generators has to give the voltage aligned

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Kiloenergia – How to choose a generator or electric generator?

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What generator set do I choose? We will need, first of all, to calculate the existing energy need (the sum of the electrical power of all the consumptions) in order, once obtained, to find the ideal electrical generator for each situation. In this sense, what the generator set will do is provide energy to these loads which required energy needs. TIPS FOR RENTING GENERATING

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Kiloenergia – Custom generator sets

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Are you looking for a price for the rental of electric generators or generators? Do you work in the industry and need the temporary electrical installation to carry out an electrical shutdown or any other project? Great! At Kiloenergia we are the union of a team of people with a long history in the field of maintenance and rental of electric generators and generators:

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Kiloenergia – Why rent generator sets and electric generators at Kiloenergia?

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We have been in the generator set rental and service sector for 10 years helping both in the industry and the event, the cinema, installers and electricity companies. At Kiloenergia we are committed to the rental of these generator sets as more and more companies and sectors trust in the advantages and possibilities offered by rental as an alternative to buying these generator sets.

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Kiloenergía – Generator rental service

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Kiloenergia is a group of passionate people who offer a generator set rental service that provides clean energy to industry, events, shows, electricity companies and individuals anywhere in Catalonia. Our electric generators and generators are soundproof or super soundproof and can be both gas, diesel or gasoline. Specialists in generator rental and maintenance with impeccable treatment with part of a staff of specialists with

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