Kiloenergia is a group of passionate people who offer a generator set rental service that provides clean energy to industry, events, shows, electricity companies and individuals anywhere in Catalonia.

Our electric generators and generators are soundproof or super soundproof and can be both gas, diesel or gasoline.

Specialists in generator rental and maintenance with impeccable treatment with part of a staff of specialists with experience and advanced knowledge in the generator set sector. Either in the field, or in the middle of the city, Kiloenergia will provide you with all the tools and electrical infrastructure with a service of 10.

We provide the best service and rental of generator sets in those places where there is no electricity supply, or where energy is needed on a specific basis (eg electric generators for events or conferences).

Another case would be in fairly crowded public places such as: factories, town halls, hospitals, etc., these places are ideal for installing this type of electrical material since the electrical energy of the network is insufficient and another source of alternative energy is necessary to supply it.

Utilities of generator sets:

  1. For specific cases of power outages.
  2. In all types of industry for possible operational mishaps and avoid losses.
  3. In a wide range of events and outdoor events.
  4. On cruise ships and ships where alternative sources of energy are required.
  5. In data centers where the security of the stored information is maximized.


– We do not have standardized budgets, we study your specific needs and send YOUR personalized and closed budget.

– We adapt our extensive fleet to meet your specific needs and not the other way around. Parallel groups without crossing zero, galvanic transformers, electrical panels with multiple taps … A service tailored to your needs.

– Our solutions have no surprises. Closed budgets, no hidden costs.