What generator set do I choose?

We will need, first of all, to calculate the existing energy need (the sum of the electrical power of all the consumptions) in order, once obtained, to find the ideal electrical generator for each situation. In this sense, what the generator set will do is provide energy to these loads which required energy needs.


Before renting a generator set, you must have a good installation plan already prepared, because this will help with the management of your budget. If you do not have the necessary information to rent the generators (especially the necessary electrical power, hours of operation, what consumption points and where they should be installed) before handing them over to your installation, it is advisable that for a moment and make a small plan of implementation.

Before renting a generator set, it would be advisable to complete three key steps:

  1. First, list how many and which of the total equipment that the generator set must feed. In turn, we recommend that you make notes and notes of each and every one of the possible operating powers (or amperage) for all equipment. This will help greatly with the electric generator selection procedure. Usually, the operating powers are in the same manuals or on a nameplate on the same equipment.
  2. Next, you will need to express the amps in watts, since generator sets are expressed in power. You will have to multiply amps times volts (230V) in single phase installations. For three-phase installations it will be multiplied by 1.77 (root of three) and 400V.
  3. As there are many types of generator sets (small, large, gas, gasoline, diesel, soundproof, silent, among many others) we advise that before renting your generator set you check that they are adapted to your specific need. For example, if the generator must work from 11pm to 6am, it will be almost imperative that the one installed is silent so as not to disturb people while they rest. If you have a specific need to cover, make sure that the generator set supplies it, since the extra costs of having to replace one generator with another are very high, since delivery and collection are very important costs in the rental.

In another blog we will go into detail to talk about the different types of electric generators and / or generator sets since there is a variety of these, but with nuances and characteristics that may go unnoticed by non-professionals.

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